Well, after a strong start to the season in September, its been a completely hard


October. However, despite wild variations in going conditions, many horses from large stables having their first runs, and a hatful of out of place gambles, TTS followers have still recorded a small earnings of £325 for the month (to £20 stakes). Overall, we’re now displaying a earnings of £1,137 for the reason that tapes went up on our season. That’s equivalent to 20 instances the charge of the manual, or forty two months of the visitor subscription. I think you’ll agree, its pretty difficult to crab that fee! Visit :- คาสิโนออนไลน์มือถือ




As nicely as the hole movements of the jump season, the Breeders Cup marks the quit of the international Flat racing season (except a few racing in Hong Kong and Japan), and I will be making my annual pilgrimage on Thursday morning.

I generally do thoroughly at the assembly, having spent a terrific month beforehand analyzing up. (I’m a large fan of the Pick three guess which, some of you may know, involves selecting three consecutive winners. It will pay handsome dividends and, as its only 3 races, it’s miles ‘gettable’.)

However, this year, different commitments have left me with a completely steep gaining knowledge of curve to get to grips with the runners, and my standard purchase of the superb ‘Crushing the Cup’ manual may be retaining me wide awake on the flight Stateside.

The races rotate from venue to venue and are to be run at Churchill Downs, Kentucky, this year. There is lots of European hobby, possibly headed by using George Washington and David Junior within the Classic.

My recommendation for the Breeders’ Cup is similar to each yr: guess the European’s inside the Turf races. Its no longer rocket science, and the odds have end up a little shorter because the notable days of 26/1 Domedriver (Arlington, Chicago, 2002) and the like.

But it stays the case that the United States turf horses are constantly overbet, and continually outclassed by way of the Euro horses. You best have to have a look at the European history of a number of their pinnacle turf horses. The likes of Aragorn, whose pleasant UK end last summer time become third in a Listed race, will simply be no in shape for the pick of the Euro’s, regardless of a string of one’s considering being despatched Stateside.

At around 7/2, he’s a standout lay for me. The poor factor might not recognise what’s hit him while the exceptional of British (and French and Irish) line up at the begin!

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